Code to Impact.

Let’s talk about data and digital society with Marcelo De Santis, corporate innovation leader and former CIO of Pirelli and Mondelez.

Hello Marcelo, thanks for accepting this invitation, it’s a great honor for me. Technology is transforming economy and society while pushing us face-to-face with contraddictions and biases. Will we be able to use our technological superpowers to make the world a better place? My answer is «yes», but there’s surely a lot of work to do. I have some questions for you and I am extremely curious to listen to your thoughts.

How do we allow the “choice” for adjusting personal privacy on our data? How do we provide the “choice” to be fairly compensated for the use of our personal data?

Can we be given the “choice” to donate our data for a cause that we want to support? Can we “choose” to become “personal healthcare data donors” today to help science to improve the world tomorrow and see the results of our contribution while we are still alive?

If we educate children with the skills to manage data responsibly, they will then build data driven businesses and organizations that are good for humanity.

They will establish the right governance mechanisms to ensure data sets area not biased, that algorithms are built with transparency by a diverse team of engineers to truly amplify human beings.

The rapid growth of Internet of Things will make almost everything “programmable”. So in that context coding will not only be relevant for tech experts but for everyone.

Besides this, many platforms – low code tools and meta-languages – are enabling non-tech people to easily understand how to write applications plus the emerging digital native generation is growing in relevance.

Chances are that machines and AI will “do the things right” – and in many cases better than humans – it’s up to us to make sure they also do “the right thing” for humanity. The best is yet to come. It’s a great time to be in tech.»

I agree with you Marcelo! This is the time for all of us as individuals to contribute in making the world a better place also through a wisely designed info sphere, based on principles like equality, transparency, responsibility and -as you remarked- choice.

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