• Jason Sheasby

    Jason Sheasby

    Father | Lawyer | Cook | http://www.jasonsheasby.net

  • Morpheu5


    Give me coffee and nobody gets hurt — https://andreafranceschini.org

  • Carlo Gussalli Beretta

    Carlo Gussalli Beretta

  • Dio


    Ente metafisico a partita iva, fondatore e CEO dell'Universo. Life & death coach. Entra sempre nel bagno delle donne, perché c'è scritto Signore.

  • Ghirardi Nicola

    Ghirardi Nicola

    R&D Data Engineer, Coderdojo Parma, continuos Learner.

  • José da Veiga

    José da Veiga

    I enjoy architecting businesses; used to architect buildings. Tech geek who can get business done. If I’m opinionated it’s because at 1st I’m a design thinker…

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