Selling your data is bad, is bad, come on, you know, is bad. 🎼

We deserve a fair share of the value of our data, but is selling it really a good deal? Having a broker to negotiate a paycheck for us is useless and -to some extent- wrong. A better solution would be to partner with business and create a new data ownership toolkit, to unlock sustainable data “pro-action” for both of us.

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Where’s my money? (Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash)

☞ The more you are conscious about the value of your data, the less you are going to be satisfied by a paycheck sized for a mass-market who still ignores the potential of data.

☝︎ The digital economy without data sharing is feasible, but we need to develop it! ☝︎

☞ If you sell your data you move forward in accepting that others could/would do the same. No matter what contracts and policies say: you will probably never know what is going to happen.

☞ You are progressively participating to a new, digital ecosystem through your digital twin. Don’t sell it for today’s best offer!

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